An indigenous Japanese white variety cultivated over 1000 years. A wine with a smooth delicate flavor expressing Japanese beauty, lauded in Japan and around the world. A white wine with an elegant hint of Japanese citrus and a beautiful mellow flavor.


A unique Japanese white wine variety with a history of cultivation said to date back more than 1,000 years. With a gentle, delicate taste that captures an "essential Japanese beauty," this wine is highly praised not only in Japan but in markets around the world as well. To accentuate Koshu's individuality, we created an exquisitely balanced blend of wine made from must that was frozen to concentrate the flavor, and wine aged "sur lie." It is a white wine with a characteristically elegant aroma of Japanese citrus and mellow taste of "umami." It is best enjoyed slightly chilled.

登美之丘 Premium Koshu 750ml

HK$268.00 一般價格